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Delivery Information

Shipping and delivery service

Delivery is free of charge for orders above 599 Saudi riyals inside the Kingdom and outside the Kingdom, shipping fees are calculated

The sender must provide the correct address, the recipient’s phone number and the location (the sketch) if possible. We are not responsible for any kind of compensation, if the recipient’s address or data is incorrect or does not answer the phone

In the event of an order during the holidays or seasons, the orders will be processed within 24 hours, so we advise customers to submit their orders 24 hours before the requested delivery date.


Cancel orders

Please note that all orders are processed on demand so that we cannot provide a refund for your purchases if they are open or have been changed, or if requests were made specifically for you.

However, if you wish to postpone the delivery of your order, please give us two days' notice of the original delivery date.

If there is a quality problem or if you have received the wrong order, please contact us immediately. Describe the problem. And where possible please send us a photo, so we can serve you as much as possible.