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hair care

Type: بلسم
Benefits and features of Leave-in Rosemary and Tea Balm from Mili AroganicsIt supports the growth of long, healthy hair and gives it a soft texture and easy styling.It contains vitamin Biotin and adds amazing shine to the hair.Provides the perfect balance between strength and hydration.A product mad..
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Type: شامبو
Mili Organics Rosemary & Mint Strengthening Shampoo, infused with biotin, cleanses and helps strengthen weak, brittle hair.- Nourishes and cleanses dry, weak or brittle hair using this hair strengthening shampoo that stimulates hair follicles.- Provides intense moisture to all hair types with a ..
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Miele Styling Cream Rosemary & Mint 240 ml
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Type: كريم ميلي
Mili Organic Daily Styling Cream with Rosemary and Mint 240mlGet healthy and beautiful hair with this double cream,This unique product penetrates your hair to moisturize and nourish it without weighing it down, and also helps stimulate hair growth. This cream gives you enough strength to calm frizzy..
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Type: ماسك
DEEP NOURISHMENT FOR DAMAGED HAIR: Our nutrient-rich mask combines biotin with aloe vera, honey and a blend of nourishing essential oils to create an intense look.Nourish, moisturize and strengthen your hair all at once with this nutrient-rich formula with natural organic ingredients like rosemary a..
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Organic virgin coconut oil
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Type: جوز الهند
Organic virgin coconut oilIt contains healthy medium-chain fatty acids that are easily converted into energy in your bodyCompletely organic to provide you with maximum benefitsPromotes overall health and well-being..
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Rosemary and mint oil
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Type: زيت ميلي
Shine with healthy, strong and shiny hair with Rosemary and Peppermint Hair and Scalp Strengthening Oil. Miele oil repairs damaged hair and deeply treats the scalp through a group of important ingredients for hair health.It enhances blood circulation in the scalp, which helps increase hair length wi..
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